Why should I buy in bulk from a farm?

​J.M. Higgins Farms

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We sell both beef and pork by hanging weight.  What is hanging weight?  Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the head, hide, blood and unusable parts have been removed.  Every animal is different as we humans are, so we can give you only an approximate price until the animal goes in to be processed.  Usually 3 days after the animal goes in we find out te hanging weight and then can give you an exact price.  All bulk orders are processed at Jerome Country Market(jeromecountrymarketllc.com).

How we sell our beef and pork

There are many reasons to buy direct from the farm.  First off, know exactly where your meat is coming from.  No more guessing what state or even country the meat at your local grocery store or meat market comes from.  You are always welcome to take a farm tour with us and see how exactly your beef and pork is raised.  Another reason is price.  Why pay $10-$25# for steaks when you can buy in bulk and pay approx $5# for all your steaks, roasts and hamburger.  Support a 100% Michigan based family business.

Things to think about...…