For 3 generations our family has been raising beef, chicken and pork the right way.  Our animals are cared for what most may consider the old fashion way.  But to us its the only way.  Our beef is on pasture year round.  Supplemented with a ration of NONGMO corn and alfalfa hay we raise ourselves.  No growth hormones or steroids are ever used.

Chicken is raised on NONGMO feed with access to the outside anytime they desire.  No growth hormones, steroids or medications used.

Our pork is raised in straw barns, not confinement.  Our hogs see the sun and breathe fresh air everyday.  Hogs are fed NONGMO ground corn along with soybean meal and alfalfa hay.   No growth hormones or steroids are ever used.

Bulk  Beef sold by the 1/8,1/4,1/2 and whole

​J.M. Higgins Farms

100% Pure Michigan Freezer Beef and Pork

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Bulk Pork sold by the 1/2 and Whole

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100% Pure Michigan 

​Beef , Chicken and Pork

For 3 generations we have been supplying Michigan families just like yours with safe, nutritious and economical Beef, Chicken and Pork

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