J.M. Higgins Farms

​Beef Facts


Michigan Family Farm


Our cattle are Black Angus and Angus/Hereford cross.  The majority of our animals are born on our farm.  We also purchase calves from a trusted source in our area to fill in the gaps.  Our animals are pastured raised and fed only NON-GMO grass and corn we raise ourselves. No growth hormones or steroids are ever used.  We do use antibiotics when necessary.  

We sell our beef by hanging weight.  Hanging weight is after the animal has been dispatched and is hanging on the meat rail.  Average weight is 700-800#.  Beef will yield 60-64% of the hanging weight.  So for example, a 800# beef will yield 480#-512# of meat going in your freezer.  Please note that these are just estimates and animals do vary on size and the amount of meat they produce.  We sell 1/8's, 1/4's, 1/2's and whole beef.  Our price always includes your animal and all your processing fees.

1/8 Beef will be approx. 60# of meat, requires 3 cubic feet of freezer space and cost $375-$425

1/4 Beef will be approx 120# of meat, requires 6 cubic feet of freezer space and cost $750-$850

1/2 Beef will be approx 240# of meat, requires 12 cubic feet of freezer space and cost $1500-$1700

​Whole Beef approx 480# of meat, requires 24 cubic feet of freezer space and cost $3000-$3400

We have beef available year round.  No deposit required.  Dropoff points in Michigan are Battle Creek, Brighton, Canton, Dexter, Dundee, Grand Rapids, Jackson and Lansing.  Also, Toledo OH, Angola IN and Bristol IN